Do you need medical billing service in Dallas, Plano or McKinney?

Medical billing is a process that which an invoice is recorded and issued as a result of a medical service rendered. 

It is important that this process can be carried out by carefully following all the relevant steps. If you are a physician you must need medical billing service Dallas, Plano, or McKinney.

Medical billing is one of the most significant components in the success of any individual or group medical practice. From an administrative point of view, it is definitely the most important. 

However, its importance, on many occasions it is not given the necessary attention, care and supervision so that the efficiency in the operation of the medical office is not affected. 

The medical billing specialist will fill out the documents and invoices to claim the services provided. It will use the obtained data and transfer the same.

Also, it will code the medical procedures and/or treatments and the diagnoses of health conditions.

If necessary, the medical plan requires other documents attachments such as lab tests, radiology, etc. in order to process the payment.

Process of Medical Billing Service Plano, Dallas and McKinney

The first step in the medical billing process is to record the activity or benefit on a billing form. This form is the main document that is established in the relationship between the insurer and the service providers. 

In other words, from this document the patient who received the medical services can be identified and each one of them is described.

Therefore, the medical invoice must reflect the provision corresponding to the

  • Medical service
  • Indicate the information of the patient
  • The insured of the medical plan
  • The date of service, and
  • The charges that apply for the particular provision, then said invoice.

It must be processed and paid in full to the provider who provides the medical billing service Plano, Dallas, or Mckinney.

Each of the insurance companies and health insurance institutions has its own medical plans and own requirements in order to facilitate and expedite the payment of bills. 

That is why it is essential that the people in charge of carrying out the medical billing in Plano, Dallas, or Mckinney have an adequate level of training to carry out their tasks competently.

CodeRite has more than 15 years of experience in medical billing consulting in Mckinney, Dallas, and Plano city to deliver top-notch services.

Why do you need CodeRite’s medical billing Dallas, Plano or Mckinney?

CodeRite is a medical billing company that handles the day-to-day credit functions for their clients. Our clients can be doctors or groups of doctors, hospitals or clinics in the above cities.

Everyone may have their own reasons to use our services of medical billing Dallas, Plano or Mckinney to handle their claims.


The main reason for using a medical billing service is to bill insurance companies correctly and quickly. Medical billing forms require a great deal of information. 

A busy medical practice will have many demands every day, and unless there is sufficient staff dedicated to billing issues, bills can be delayed. 

Our medical billing service will ensure bills come out in a timely manner.


In Dallas and other mentioned cities, about 85-90% of medical billing claims pay you within 30 to 45 days. 

For the rest of the claims, it might have to be re-billing or claim follow-up with the insurance companies. 

Sometimes insurance companies say they never received a claim. Other times, they may deny a claim for some reason.

An individual physician might have trouble keeping up with past due bills. 

Sometimes hospitals also have trouble keeping up with the overwhelming number of unpaid loans. 

Allowing us to handle this delay allow our clients to focus on their resources on more current demands, and allows physicians to focus on their patients.


Do you need accounts receivable medical billing in Dallas, Plano or Mckinney? CodeRite will track all claims that have been granted by entity. 

We can give an up-to-date review of cash, outstanding debts by date, and in many cases, classified by the types of claims that have been paid or denied.

Regulations and Codes

It’s hard enough for doctors to keep up with health information, leave medical billing information alone. Every year there are additions and subtractions to the codes of procedure. There are also regulations that change regarding which codes can be billed against each other. 

Keeping up with all of that is the duty of our company CodeRite, because we ensure that claims will continue to be paid. We will receive up-to-date information from companies that physician practices cannot receive. Right now, you must understand why you need our medical billing Mckinney and other mentioned cities. You can meet our professional team and check the level of proficiency.

In Summary- What We Make?

At CodeRite, we specialize in the billing and coding of health services in Dallas, Plano, and Mckinney. 

We have HIPAA-compliant medical billing solutions and certified professionals who will ensure your work is billed and charged, minimizing the risk of losing income.

We are committed to offering quality services to our clients. Call TODAY at 972-872-8972 for a free orientation. You will love us, because:

  • We are coding and medical billing specialists in Dallas, Plano, and McKinney city;
  • 100% certified personnel in the management of coding and medical billing service in Dallas, Plano, and McKinney;
  • Experts in the Income Management Cycle (RCM);
  • We provide HIPAA compliant medical billing solutions;
  • Own servers with security protocols;
  • 100% satisfied clients for our medical billing service in Plano and other cities.


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